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About Baltic States


Estonia is an amazing place of natural beauty and steeped in colourful history.Breathtaking Hanseatic charm in the medieval capital Tallinn and in other old Hansa towns, large areas of almost virgin nature –pine forests, deserted sandy beaches, bogs and wetlands, which have nearly disappeared from the rest of Europe, big and small islands with wooden windmills and juniper fields – that’s all just some of the attractions of Estonia, the northernmost of three Baltic Countries, lying around the Baltic Sea cost.

Kilometres of winding cobblestone streets, red roofs, watchtowers in the Old City walls that surrounds the Old Town, a whole storybook of medieval houses - that’s all Tallinn, one of the oldest cities of Northern Europe. This rich medieval town was forgotten for 50 years in the Soviet times and now, more than ever, Tallinn is attracting tourists to discover the spirit of old medieval times.

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Latvia is one of Europe's Last hidden treasures. The country is plotted with small picturesque medieval towns, country castles, museums and folk parks, ruined fortresses and, occasionally, grand palaces. Everywhere you will find intriguing evidence of distinctivel Latvian customs, crafts and culture, and of a determination to preserve and restore the best of the nation's heritage.

Riga is the gem of the Baltics. It is situated at the mouth of the Daugava, on the shores of the Gulf of Riga on the Baltic. From most European cities Riga is close both time-wise and geographically. Within Riga too, everything is close and compact - next to the medieval Old Town you will find the New Town build in the 19th century after the city fortifications were taken down with green parks and broad boulevard and the Art Noveau districts. Riga is the capital of Art Nouveau. No other city in Europe can boost such fine examples of Art Nouveau and buildings in this particular style occupy more than one third of downtown Riga. Miraculously the medieval Old Town has been neither badly damaged by war nor disfigured by high rise development. You'll fall in love with these cobbled narrow streets. Wherever you turn you'll find a wealth of historic buildings such the Dome Cathedral with it's world famous organ, St. Peters Church built back in 1209 with first clock in the city or Guild Square with the Large and the Small Guild that represent a former glory of Riga as a Hanseatic City.

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Official tourist information website

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Lithuania is a small country located on the Eastern shore of the Baltic sea. It emerged as a state in the early 13th century and became one of the most powerful states in Eastern Europe. Nature has been generous to Lithuania. Although there are no mountains or great forests, the country's beauty lies in the diversity of its landscape. This is a place of rolling hills and gentle plains, of quietly flowing rivers and of lakes which reflect the blueness of the sky. The largest river, the Nemunas carries the waters to the Baltic Sea , wherein lies Lithuania's famous "amber coast".

Vilnius  is built at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnia rivers and surrounded by picturesque wooden hills. The city has an enormous architectural diversity with many churches and towers, fortifications, secluded medieval courtyards and narrow and curved streets. It is a city with a rich history, it is a place where Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical styles stand side by side and compliment each other. Vilnius has managed to retain its unique character as a northerly cultural meeting point at the crossroads of the Roman and Byzantine and the European and Eurasian worlds

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Official tourist information website

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